New Zealand’s Local Business Directory 


Launched in 2012, Local BD ( is fast becoming the most reliable and trusted online directory of local businesses in New Zealand. With more than 250,000 monthly visits and growing, New Zealand BD is the destination of choice for New Zealanders looking online for businesses in their neighborhood or for service providers located just a few blocks away from their homes.


The online directory was created and is maintained by programmers and designers who are residents of New Zealand. Thus, we understand the need of local small businesses owners to have an online exposure for their products or services. We also understand the needs of residents who want a localized result for their search engine queries.


Maximizing Local Businesses’ Online Presence 


The web is now the new business arena and small businesses that do not have enough resources to launch online marketing and promotions are sure to be left behind in the race. That’s not surprising though because the cost of online marketing and promotions is very high that small businesses tend to shy away from the idea.


With, however, small businesses now have the chance to get the online presence they deserve and compete with their bigger business rivals on the web. Our directory allows local firms to maximize their online exposure, tap a wider market in New Zealand, and eventually grow their businesses.


A One-Stop Site for New Zealanders 


New Zealand residents now do not have to go to a lot of different websites just to find the right businesses or service providers for their different needs. offers a comprehensive list of local businesses so customers won’t have to waste time scanning through different website and pages.


Our directory is comprised of local New Zealand businesses and service providers in the following sectors: 


          - Animals & Pets

          - Arts & Entertainment

          - Automotive

          - Business & Professional Services

          - Clothing & Accessories

          - Community & Government

          - Computers & Electronics

          - Construction & Contractors

          - Education & Development

          - Food & Dining

          - Health & Medicine

          - Holidays and Travel

          - Home & Garden

          - Industry & Agriculture

          - Legal & Financial

          - Media & Communications

          - Personal Care & Services

          - Real Estate & Property

          - Shopping

          - Sports & Recreation

          - Trades & Services

          - Travel & Transportation

          - Wedding ceremonies


Free Directory for New Zealand Businesses 


If you are a small business owner or service provider in New Zealand, now is your chance to finally enter the vast World Wide Web and capture the local market. And you don’t have to spend anything just to have an online presence because will give it to you for free. Just provide us with the following details and we will take care of the rest:


          - Your business name and address

          - Nature of your business

          - Contacts, emails, and links to website


It’s easy and takes less than 5 minutes to bring your business online and get the chance of capturing a much wider local market in New Zealand.


About New Zealand 


New Zealand, an island country in the Pacific Ocean, has a modern and prosperous economy and is considered one of the world's best when it comes to economic freedom. While it is heavily dependent on international trade, New Zealand's industries are dominated by small businesses.


Based on the data released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, there are 581,540 small businesses that have 1 to 19 employees New Zealand, contributing NZ$ 52.85 billion in the country’s GDP in 2010.


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