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About SanSmart - Hygiene Solutions

As a supplier of commercial hygiene and sanitisation products across New Zealand, SanSmart has a range of cost-effective hygiene solutions that make it easy for your business to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

*Surface and Food Contact Sanitisers: SanSmart’s range of mops, towels, and sanitisers are perfectly suited for use on any surface that comes into direct contact with food.

*Hand Hygiene and Sanitisers: SanSmart’s instant mist and foaming soaps help your business comply with the highest safety regulations and standards in hand hygiene.

*Floor and Foot Sanitisers: SansSmart’s lineup of footbaths and tacky mats are designed to stop contamination entering high-traffic, hygiene-critical areas.

*Odour Control: SanSmart offer a variety of solutions that target, neutralise, or eliminate undesirable odours in a range of environments and situations.

Visit the SanSmart website to view their comprehensive range of hygiene and sanitisation solutions.


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