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About Waterworks Irrigation Ltd

Waterworks Irrigation Ltd is a one-stop shop for high quality outdoor water solutions in New Zealand. Whether youre looking for expert insights or reliable materials for your landscape, were here to help.

Having been in the landscape industry since June 1995, we have been satisfying the needs of the residential, commercial, industrial, marine and agricultural market. We always make sure to serve our clients well regardless of who they are and what projects they want to achieve. From installingnew visual accents to maintaining and repairing outdoor lighting for gardens and walkways, we have the confidence to provide services that give properties that X factorclients are looking for.

Let our waterworks help realise your dream project. We are experts in providing garden irrigation, outdoor lighting, water features, natural pools and ponds, pumps and water treatment services to different types of property owners.Our team has the skills, experience and knowledge to handle any property, so rest assured that each project willfitclient preferences.


When you work with us, you’re working with one of the top outdoor water solutions providers in New Zealand. Know why homeowners and business owners trust us with their outdoor projects.We take our job seriously, from planning to completion.


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