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About Western Bay Driving

Gain your confidence behind the wheel by learning from one of Taurangas most trusted driving schools. With Western Bay Driving, you face the road safely and surely.


Booking driving training with us is the right choice, especially if you want to get behind the wheel of your vehicle sooner than later. Our school is an owner-operated business that provides driving lessons in Tauranga, Katikati, Rotorua, Waihi, Mount Maunganui and Taupo. We offer the highest grade driving lessons focused on producing knowledgeable and confident drivers.


Our driver training in Taurangamonitors your progress over the course of your lessons. We encode all information in a driving lesson trackrecord, which shows your development and points for improvement. This also helps between lessons, especially when you practice without an instructor. Our team is all about quality driving worth the license. In case you fail the exam, well give you free lessons.


Western Bays team of driving instructors are among the friendliest. With us, there is absolutely no need to worry about instructors running out of patience. We understand that driving is a skill that not everyone learns so easily. Our instructors work hard to develop your driving skills. With years of experience, they can teach you advanced set skills you’ll need to get through the roads and highways safely.


Western Bay Driving is the way to road safety. Develop the driver in you by booking lessons with us. Call us at 0800 WBD 000 or visit our website at


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